How do they get the bubbles in a chocolate bar?

15/06/2016 17:39:34

Engineering, that's how!

Are you interested in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM)? Then getting a career in engineering in food and drink sector could be for you!

Why? Food and drink is the UK's largest manufacturing sector that currently has thousands of job openings at all levels, and our sector is in need to find young talented engineers of the future. This basically means that the career opportunities are vast.

So if you're considering studying engineering at Uni but not quite sure where to start, then take a closer look at these courses that have real career opportunities; the Batchelor's in Food Engineering (BEng) (more information here: ) and the Master's in Food Engineering (MEng) (more information here: ) at Sheffield Hallam University. Both courses are supported by over 40 of the UK's biggest food and drink companies.

As well as gaining first-hand experience from a course tailored by those within the industry, by enrolling on the course you'll be guaranteed work placements UK-wide at supporting companies, as well as be eligible for a £2,500 bursary towards your studies.

If you have any questions; simply get in touch