Behind the scenes at Coca-Cola Enterprises

11/12/2013 12:38:05

In September, a group of 20 lucky girls from Wakefield Girls School and Grange Technology College in Bradford got the chance to see behind the scenes at Coca-Cola Enterprise's (CCE) factory in Wakefield.

The group got to see first-hand just how mechanical engineering solutions help CCE to fill an incredible 1,980 cans a minute using high-tech robotics and automation. As well as touring the factory, the girls, who were all studying mathematics and science, also got to meet some of CCE's female engineers to find out what their job is really like.

The visit was organized by food and drink manufacturers' to promote their degree the MEng Food Engineering, at Sheffield Hallam University which is now open for applications (starting September 2014). CCE’s Education Programme Manager Bill Muirhead said: “We are particularly happy to support initiatives like this that open young women's eyes to possibilities stemming from taking up Science and Engineering.”

See pictures of what the girls got up to on Flicker

Find out more about the MEng Food Engineering degree at Students can also find out more and ask questions on the Food Engineer Facebook page, MEng Food Engineer Tumblr Blog and via Twitter (#FoodEngineering).

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