How do I get a job in food and drink manufacturing?

13/11/2012 03:55:17

Dedicated job sites such as FoodMan Jobs and Food Industry Careers advertise numerous vacancies, including apprenticeships and graduate roles.

Food and drink manufacturers tend to be based across the country, so bear in mind that you may not necessarily find a job on your doorstep. However, larger companies tend to have sites across the country, with headquarters in cities and large towns with good transport access. Due to their size and the need to be able to distribute products across the country effectively, production sites are can often be based in more rural locations.

It’s also definitely worth checking out the jobs areas of company websites for vacancies. If none are currently available, then contact their HR department to register your interest and to find out when opportunities might be available.

It’s also a good opportunity to contact companies directly to find out what you would need to do to be considered for your desired role. Many companies now have dedicated careers Twitter accounts or use LinkedIn so make sure you’re checking social media regularly.